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A 100 food/drink Icons Challenge

Food 100 icons challenge
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Welcome to food100. Inspired by great communities such as icons50 and tapout100 this is another icon challenge community. This community is based around the idea of food and drinks. Any food and/or drink subject is claimable here. The idea is to pick your subject and complete 100 icons of that subject. When you complete your subject you'll receive a pretty banner and a place in our hall of fame alongside the other iconists who've completed one of our challenges.


1. You must join the community before you can participate in any challenges. If you're not a member we can't give you posting access.

2. Make your way over to the claims post and claim your subject by posting a comment. Only one claim can be made for each subject at a time, though the subject is free again once the other person has completed their challenge.

3. Once your claim has been accepted you will be given posting access to the community. You will be able to begin posting your icons. You have six calender months from your claim date to finish them or they will be cleared.

4. You must make new icons for your challenges. You may post your icons in batches and don't need to post all 100 at once. You are allowed to post up to three "teaser" icons but the rest must be placed behind a cut tag. You must also list any resources you have used. The ideal form for posting icons:

5. Once you've completed your icon challenge, please go to the completed post and leave a comment so that we can make you a banner. Your challenge will be listed in the completed challenges list and your claim will be cleared so that someone else will be able to take the subject again.

6. Most importantly... BE NICE. This isn't an elite community and we encourage all icon makers to participate in challenges here. No dissing of other's icons will be tolerated. Those who take icons should credit the original makers and be polite to them. We want this to be a warm and welcoming community for everyone.

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cattyhunts & moonshinefaerie

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